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Yard Act: A Second Homecoming

From the start, it was clear Yard Act’s return to Brudenell Social Club for the second time in six weeks was not going to be quiet. The long sold-out gig had an older, more dedicated crowd, a contrast to the new following the band recently gained following the release of their number two album, The Overload.

Opening with hits 'Strip', 'Payday' and 'The Overload', the vocal crowd were more than happy to make themselves known to the band, who spent the evening heckling the crowd back with banter like old friends.

The raucous atmosphere continued throughout, with a lucky fan even getting on stage to successfully recite every word of 'Peanuts', and frontman James Smith giving a bizarre but funny start to 'Fixer Upper'. This was classic Yard Act: more than just music, this was almost a dramatic performance.

The tone was briefly lowered for an emotional performance of 'Tall Poppies', which ended with the lights turning blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

After closing with 'Pour Another', the band returned for a bold encore of 'Rich', 'Dead Horse', and probably the highlight of the night. The band were joined on stage by their support Baba Ali for a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s enormous 'Daft Punk is playing at My House'. At this point you could feel the love in the room, a proper homecoming for a true Leeds band.

This was a band who knew their city, their venue, and their crowd well, and gave them exactly what they wanted. A night of maverick fun, plus all their classic hits.

Words by Tom Horn

Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox


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