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Spyres explode into 2022 with 'See Through You' upon signing to LAB Records

With sixteen stages to choose from at Live at Leeds Festival 2021, and a plethora of emerging talent, only a select hundred or two would’ve found themselves at Leeds Beckett’s makeshift second stage at the relatively early hour of 3pm. Yet, the next half an hour was a rather defining moment for Glasgow alt-rockers Spyres. By the end of their set, they had secured themselves a record deal.

Mark Orr of LAB Records, like the majority of the audience, saw enough to be blown away by the versatility of the four musicians on stage. Spyres’ discography to date has showcased very different sides to the band, with an underlying theme of energy and unstoppable songwriting that has made each chorus even more memorable. Their latest anthem, ‘See Through You’, keeps them firmly on that path, with the catchiest of choruses evoking vivid memories of that Live at Leeds performance back in October.

The vocal chemistry of lead duo Emily Downie and Keira McGuire is one of the band’s most unique assets, with the partnership as fiery as ever in this ‘direct and punchy’ new single, as described by Downie. ‘See Through You’ was crafted in Glasgow’s Castle of Doom Studios with Christopher Marshall; an instant formula for success given the amount of recent Scottish talent under his belt - Gerry Cinnamon and Dead Pony to name a few.

As ever, the drum tone is slick and powerful, with Alex White and bassist Jude Curran providing a masterful rhythm section that delicately complements the track’s changes of pace. The chorus has almost a nostalgic, pop-punk feel to it, especially when Downie and McGuire soar into the highest of harmonies towards the climax of the song. When you consider the duo’s acoustic roots, the effect of Curran and White cannot be understated in lifting their epic sound, which is ready made for the biggest stages.

Spyres have tested these waters, showcasing their live set to the likes of Glasgow’s Barrowlands and TRNSMT Festival. With this new, exciting era at LAB Records, the only way is if each new release continues to be this consistent and captivating. ‘See Through You’ is out now via LAB Records - keep posted for news on Spyres’ upcoming debut EP and a filmed interview with Leeds Student TV which will be released in the coming months.

By Rishi Shah 14/01/2022

Photo Credit- Charlotte Barbour


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