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Prioritise Pleasure: Self Esteem's Unapologetic Return to Leeds

When you hear the name ‘Self Esteem’ you know you’re in for a true performance. Mesmerising harmonies, dazzling choreography and pure sass encompass Rebecca Taylor’s (Self Esteem) image and it is safe to say that she brought all that and more to her sold out Stylus gig on Wednesday evening.

Opening with the loud unapologetic ‘I’m Fine’ Self Esteem took to the stage in all black, matched with some bold choreography and graphics declaring “there is nothing that terrifies a man more than a woman that appears completely deranged”. The self-proclaimed “Joker For Single People” (yes, her Twitter bio genuinely says this… iconic!) embodied feminism, power and confidence, setting the tone for the show immediately.

She explored every area of the stage in her choreo, and was incredibly well supported by her backing vocalists Mags and Seraphina, the latter being one of Self Esteem’s support acts earlier in the evening. The synchronisation of the trio can only be described as mesmerising, and given the intense dance routine, the ladies vocals did not falter once.

During her powerful rendition of the title track ‘Prioritise Pleasure', Self Esteem hit some very hefty notes and was joined by the crowd in ‘I Do This All The Time’ to hit back at those who have caused them hurt and show them just how okay they are now.

One thing that really stood out was the bittersweet heartbreak that the crowd and Self Esteem shared. She has an incredible talent for making you really feel what she sings. However, sadness took a backseat during the performance, as the eclectic crowd took to celebrating their past mistakes and coming together as one to honour the good, the bad and the ugly that love brings into our lives. It was something truly beautiful to witness.

It is undeniable that Self Esteem is destined for great things, and if her Brit and NME nominations are anything to go by, she is definitely one to watch for the future. A true feminist icon that words can’t do justice to describe, all I can say is Self Esteem puts on a fabulous show and I cannot wait to see what she releases in years to come.

Words by Daisy Donnelly & Jasmine Altham

Photo Credit: Olivia Richardson


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