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Pi’Erre Bourne, Live at Belgrave

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?

Memorable moments from Pierre Bourne’s gig at Belgrave include endless mosh pits, backflips, and incredible energy from the loyal fans of Pierre who knew almost every song from his recent album “The Life of Pierre 5” (TLOP). We are surprised that the Belgrave floor didn’t cave in from all the jumping throughout the gig.

Miya, a hip hop fan:

Speaking of the set list, he performed all sixteen songs from “The Life of Pierre 5” in addition to well-known hits like “Poof” from his previous album. Pierre is well-known for producing and featuring in music by Playboi Carti, and some fans were surprised to see him play no tracks from any of Playboi Carti’s albums (such as “Die Lit” or his self-titled album).

As a Carti fan, I personally respected Pierre more for this decision as he departed from his association with Carti and affirmed that he is his own artist – the crowd went crazy when he played his recent hit “Drunk and Nasty” which blew up on TikTok for Pierre’s sound alone as opposed to being famous due to another popular rapper featuring on it.

Overall, the energy was crazy and I can’t wait to see Pierre blow up for his own music and play at bigger venues in the future.

Madina, an indie fan:

It was a groundbreaking experience (poor pun) for an indie girl like myself. I have never been to a hip hop gig like that before. It was so different in a sense that dance moves and mosh pits actually meant something, kinda reminded me of my hip hop class I took 8 years ago. I think what I am trying to say is that it wasn’t just drunk lads jumping on each other screaming wrong lyrics.

To top it all off, the end of the gig was truly wholesome. The backflip guy was even promised a hoodie from Pierre himself. The vibes were immaculate, but I am still concerned about the safety of the floor at Belgrave - HSE need to review it ASAP

By Miya Chahal and Madina Latipova

02/11/2021 @ Belgrave Music Hall


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