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Nothing But Love for Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves are an up-and-coming rock band from Essex who released a new album a year ago and if you haven’t heard of them, then you should. Everyone agrees that music sounds better live; the way the drums rip through you and the bass reverberates in your chest, but pair that musical backing with the incredible vocals of frontman Conor Mason and you have a recipe for a fantastic show. While listening to them on Spotify is cool, you must witness them live in order to feel the true power and talent that the band has. As a whole, they work so well together, their sound is so unique and refined, whether you like alternative/indie music or not, you can’t deny their talent and musicality. They perfectly balance the heavy guitars that carry their rock sound and the technical undertones bringing their sound into the 21st century and straight to the top of the charts, something everyone can enjoy. They fill any venue they go to: on this occasion I had the honour of getting to see them in Manchester at the O2 Victoria Warehouse and the vibe was perfect. Set in old storage warehouses with lots of exposed brick, it was basically made for this band-edgy. The only thing I would warn you of is the mosh pits, Nothing But Thieves have some big hits you can’t help but want to dance to (particularly one of the tracks off of the new album ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’) but additionally they’re not all fast and rock-y. During ‘If I Get High’ is always a good opportunity to pull out a lighter-or the safer alternative being your phone’s flashlight-for a more composed moment during the show. In the unlikely event that you aren’t already, familiarise yourself with their music, they’re the perfect addition to any playlist, especially anything off the ‘Moral Panic’ album. As the title alludes to, their songs address current issues in the news in a slightly dystopian view but the tracks themselves are timeless and well produced, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. I'm sure this band is going places after establishing themselves so quickly on the music scene and I can’t wait to see in which direction they chose to go in the future.

By Charlotte Youles

Photo credit- Charlotte Youles


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