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Live at Leeds in the City 2023: Interview with Kayla Grace

By Saskia Damiao

Live At Leeds in the City 2023 was spectacular. Saskia ventured round so many new artists and saw such a great range of talent. Saskia also managed to sit down with some of the performers at the Nation of Shopkeepers and spoke to Kayla Grace, an upcoming musician from Watford who explores subjects that we don’t want to talk about in everyday life. Kayla and Saskia sat down chatting about James Arthur’s X Factor, Matty Healy, meal deals and more!

S: So did you just want to introduce yourself?

KG: Hi I’m Kayla Grace, I am an indie-pop girl from Watford and I write lots of sad songs

S: Your set was beautiful, I had only heard a couple of songs before but it was absolutely gorgeous. How did you feel it went?

KG: Thank you, I felt like it was a really sweet attentive crowd and I felt so bad doing such depressing songs so early in the day. It’s really nice, I’ve never been to Leeds before so it’s a really nice way to start my day here.

S: I was gonna say travelling from Watford, I’m from Essex, it is so far isn’t it getting up at like 5 in the morning, I can only imagine how awful that would have been. What is your favourite city to perform in?

KG: I don’t think I have a favourite, I mean London obviously is the one I perform in the most, I do have to say I love performing in Scotland. I was meant to perform in Glasgow last weekend but because of the floods it was just crazy – all the trains were cancelled; I didn’t get to do that. But yeah, anywhere North I love. Everyone is just so friendly, not to cuss out my Londoners but you know what I mean.

S: I definitely get that, especially with how many boroughs there are in London it’s a lot of different vibes


S: So you said that James Arthur is your favourite year on X Factor, and we just thought we’d do a fun little quiz. I will name some of the people who were also on there just so you get an idea. Lucy Spraggan, Ella Henderson, Union J and Rylan Clark.

KG: OMG Union J! I forgot about them

S: Were you a girlband girlie? Like a Directioner?

KG: I was! The pop girl magazines on the wall kind of vibe, I wasn’t a Directioner because I thought I was edgy. So I always said “screw 1D” but then secretly listening to them after hours

S: I think we were all a bit anti-1D, edgy at one point. So, back to the game, who sang that song? First we’ve got Hometown Glory by Adele? Who fits the vibe?

KG: As in who sang it on X factor? Oh James Arthur

S: You bloody got it right!

KG: DID I? I remember his version, I love his version, it was so good

S: Was he your favourite in the X Factor? Did he deserve the win?

KG: I did at the time; I mean I’m not gonna lie, it was a long time ago, my brain – I mean this was my era I was first like I’m gonna be a fucking famous singer and I just thought his voice was amazing and so raspy. Isn’t he cancelled now? I don’t know if he’s cancelled?

S: Oh, sorry to bring that up, I don’t actually know if he is or not!

KG: He might be I’m not sure, I’m claiming innocence in that department. But yeah, I remember that performance cause I used to download it on this weird app where you could save YouTube videos offline and I would listen to it.

S: I remember those! Do you remember who sang Fix You by Coldplay?

KG: Union J?

S: It was Union J!

KG: I was trying to think of the vibe! It’s obviously not gonna be Lucy Spraggan but it’s giving boyband

S: Union J, I tend to forget everything that I’ve sung, they were definitely a good band at the time

KG: They were so fun. I can remember one of their faces in my head and that’s about it

S: They did all look quite similar. Rule The World by Take That?

KG: James Arthur?

S: No

KG: It wasn’t Ella Henderson was it?

S: You’d be surprised it actually was! She doesn’t actually fit that vibe which was confusing for me

KG: That’s interesting. I can’t imagine that.

S: I mean now she’s so famous and such a pop dance girlie you can’t really imagine her doing something older like Take That

KG: I do like that song though!

S: If you could swap bodies for a day with any other music artist, who would it be? You have their voice, their wealth, their body, famousness but your mind

KG: Like a Day In My Life! Oh this is a really hard question, can they be dead?

S: Yeah!

KG: Oh no I think that’s so rogue like I was gonna say Kurt Cobain and then I was like why would I want that, he was not a happy dude. No, um...

S: You do have your mind though!

KG: TRUE! I could fix him <3 Cause he’s fucking cool. Nah, do you know what I’m gonna say Matty Healy cause I would just apologise for all the things he said, for him, I’d get him uncancelled and on the right path. Also just have loads of like people admiring me. I’d definitely put some rogue posts on my Instagram story. All the things he does already but I’d do it better

S: I mean you could make him a vegetarian and your ex would be Taylor Swift so... it’s a win win really

KG: It would be a fucking win! I would text Taylor and be like should we get back together

S: And just one final question, what is your favourite meal deal?

KG: MEAL DEAL! As in which shop or what my items tend to be?

S: I’m gonna say standard Tesco, but you can just do items in general too

KG: Hmm okay, Tesco. I mean this will be rogue because I am vegetarian and I feel like what sandwiches is a good sandwich? I mean the falafel wrap which is a bit dry, but they don’t have that many options, snacks and drinks is where I get my money’s worth. I always go for, a Naked smoothie, the blue machine one

S: That’s definitely to get your money’s worth!

KG: Those used to be like £2.50 on it’s own, definitely more now I don’t even know! I was obsessed with them when I was younger. Snack wise if I’m feeling crisps I always go Square’s, if I’m feeling something sweet omg I’m a big Cadbury’s girl, which I mean is so against what my vegan sister would say. But yeah, just plain old dairy milk bar. Is that a dead meal deal?

S: NO! You’re getting your money’s worth which is like the whole goal of a meal deal – the smoothie is the best option for you to go for.

KG: That would be the worst type of criticism if someone thought my meal deal was shit.

S: Is there anything else you’d just like to say, have you got anything coming that, you may be allowed to announce?

KG: Honestly, I’ve got a bunch of little pop up shows coming up – which I haven’t announced.

S: OH, an LSTV exclusive

KG: Yeah they’ll be like fun moments that will allow me to leave London, not too far away but enough to go to some places that people want to see me!

S: Thank you so much for sitting down with me!


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