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In Pictures: Cleopatrick at The Wardrobe

Keep an eye out on the LSTV channel for a filmed interview with Cleopatrick, coming very soon.

Cleopatrick are the band you need to have on your radar! The Canadian duo hail from Coburg, Ontario, and have been best friends since childhood. You can really see their incredible bond through their live show. Seeing them for the second time now, I got to fully understand the weight of their presence; whilst calm and collected, they come with endless energy and passion for the music they create.

You have never really seen the effect that a band has on a crowd until you see Cleopatrick. I make no joke when saying that the crowd went from 0-to-100 in a matter of seconds after the first riff started. Their live sound is quite literally unmatched with Luke Gruntz (vocals and lead guitar) giving us gritty vocals alongside the heaviest riffs coming out of Canada and Ian Fraser (drums) bringing the most polished hour of drumming you could possibly see.

However, Cleopatrick stand for something more than just heavy riffs and crushing drums. They come with a defiance to the music industry as a whole. Their music pushes past the boundaries of ‘what an alternative record should look like’ with a collection of songs from their debut album BUMMER that don’t sound like anything else coming out of the modern alternative rock scene. This defiance was physically shown towards the start of the set with Luke jumping into the crowd for a crowd surf mid-song. Despite Luke briefly losing his guitar in the mayhem, they somehow still managed to pull off one of the best songs in their set.

Possibly the most noteworthy part of the night was the final song. From a mysterious tweet Cleopatrick made earlier in the day, they asked for somebody to bring a tambourine to the show. Little did the crowd know that it was for an exclusive cover of one of the Arctic Monkey’s most iconic songs, 505. Luke and Ian brought out their support band, Ready the Prince, to end the set in style! To a Yorkshire crowd, this is the perfect way to end any night.

If you haven’t heard of Cleopatrick before, you need to check them out! They are one of the most incredible bands coming out of this new wave of modern alternative rock music. Their debut album dropped last year and it was one of my personal favourites. Cleopatrick bring something raw and exciting to everything they do, you don’t want to miss what they’ve got in store for you next!

Words and Photos by Ben Massey


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