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Glass Animals; Going Through the Emotions

Glass Animals Preview

2020 was a year like no other, bringing an unprecedented global pandemic. But, fortunately it also brought us a third full album from Oxford-based musicians, Glass Animals. It marked their tenth year of creating unique and grabbing music. The songs of Dreamland seem to align with this title by incorporating dreamy, ethereal melodies with considered portrayals of familiar concepts; it is a celebration of the journey of life. Despite these common features through the whole album, each song is individualistic with an eclectic mix of chill, jangly tunes such as in ‘Tangerine’ juxtaposing rousing basslines in tracks like ‘Helium’.

Standout lyrical storytelling takes listeners through a journey: notably drawing inspiration from Dave Bayley’s Texan childhood: ‘the idea of Dreamland is to go from my first memory up until now, through all the big realizations that happen in life.’ [Republic Records] Indeed, a tragic accident involving drummer Joe Seaward having to recover from brain injury in 2018 placed a major setback on the band’s progression, but Dreamland feels like a celebration of the ups and downs of life and now in post-lockdown 2021, this celebration can finally be shared with fans. The album shows huge promise of a smooth translation to live performance, giving fans a chance to immerse in their own dreamland through epic song as a microcosm of the wonders of childhood.

Now, with the Welcome to Dreamland tour having kicked off on the 8th November in Glasgow, Glass Animals never seem to have been better, with an ever-growing fanbase seemingly accelerated by the pandemic, and showing no sign of weakening even after more than 10 years.

By Ellie Back

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