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Fierce Femmes; ft Lauran Hibberd and Black Honey

This Months Female Rock Round Up!

Lauran Hibberd Review

The Indie-Pop singer with a unique sense of style, Lauran Hibberd, performed at the Key Club in Leeds on the seventh of October as the next stop on her ‘Goober Tour’ in a bright green tutu and leather jacket. Her bold look matched the energy of her music perfectly and she attracted a crowd of passionate fans that filled the cosy venue.

Lauran’s relationship with the crowd was unmatched as she held playful conversations with many of them throughout the show. At one point one fan even faced-timed their friend for Lauran to say hi to, while others received plectrums, hugs and setlists. The friendly atmosphere she created ensured the night was enjoyable for everyone involved and the crowed provided their uttermost support for Lauren and her band.

With songs like ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ and ‘Call Shotgun’ Lauran had the room screaming along to her relatable lyrics and moshing to the powerful choruses. Lauran’s lively personality shone threw in her songs and the way she engaged with the crowd. Having only listened to her music a little I still found the gig extremely entertaining and a part of the close relationship she clearly has with her hardcore fans.

From a photographer’s point of view I was a little disappointed in the stage lighting chosen for Lauran’s performance as there was little range in colour to match her vibrant style and the rest of her band were barely lit. However, this did not take away from her amazing performance and I would love to see her again.

I also managed to see one of Lauran’s support bands, Carpark, who were absolutely fantastic and performed to the small crowd like they had sold out a stadium.

By Daisy Evans (7th Oct @ Key Club)

Black Honey Review

Black Honey are no strangers to devoted crowds, and the atmosphere at Brudenell Social Club did not disappoint. The Brighton quartet instantly projected their familiar confidence while opening with ‘I Like The Way You Die’: a song that united the crowd immediately. An array of songs were jam-packed into the set: introducing new fans to the band’s relatable angst, and

reminding old fans of the strong bond they share with each song. Notably, fan favourite, ‘Corrine’, had all fans screaming every word as a sea of arms stretched up: a view that Black Honey are extremely accustomed to.

Black Honey’s strong relationship with the crowd must also be appreciated. Lead vocalist, Izzy Baxter, spoke about identity - inviting fans amongst the crowd who identify as female and non-binary to the front. Baxter then dedicated a song (‘Believer’) from their newly released album, ‘Written & Directed’, to the fans now at the foot of the stage. The response, to say the least, was empowering and electric - an encounter that would rarely be replicable through headphones and a recording. Soon after, anticipation was amid the crowd as a rendition of ’Spinning Wheel’ was iconically performed; constant chanting demonstrated the power Black Honey possessed within that moment.

Finally, new track ‘Run For Cover’ immediately gained audience approval, with mosh pits forming and Black Honey not only encouraging, but participating. After a flawless performance, the crowd collectively moved to greet the four members at the merch stands - eager to remain in the atmosphere created. Black Honey at Brudenell Social Club was a remarkable experience for everyone present; reminding us how much we have missed live music performances during lockdown.

By Alex Dickson (10th Oct @ Brudenell)


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