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Electric Leeds: Elkka

Welsh-Born and currently based in London, Elkka (AKA Emma Kirby) produces music that spans across various fields of electronic music, with a focus on house and electronica. Emma initially entered the music space in 2016 following the founding of femme culture, a label created to promote women within the arts and push forward-thinking music. However, 2021 was arguably her biggest year yet, dropping two groundbreaking EPs: “Euphoric Melodies” and “Harmonic Frequencies”. Fusing her own vocals with addictive, repeating motifs and piercing percussions, Elkka creates truly original sounds that have unsurprisingly caught the backing of Floating Points and Four Tet, among many others. The title track from Euphoric Melodies is a standout moment, using infectious arpeggios that swirl and dance around the song’s rhythm.

These releases resulted in her receiving the BBC Introducing Dance Artist of the Year award. On top of this, Elkka produced the Essential Mix of the Year for 2021, an ethereal blend of her own music with various other artists such as Ross From Friends, Caribou and Jon Hopkins. Inclusions of pop-elements such as the Britney Spears finale reflected her origins as a singer/songwriter prior to making the transition towards production. This mix is still currently available to listen at

Elkka’s live shows have been described as ‘hypnotic’ transcendent experiences, making her upcoming show at Headrow House an unmissable night. Tickets are still available to purchase now.

By Elliott Booth


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