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Beartooth: 'Below' Album Review

It was rather prophetic that Beartooth wrapped up the European leg of their ‘Disease’ tour in that accursed month that was March 2020. Yet, in almost no time, the Ohio hardcore outfit have once again shot up to the summit of heavy music with a gruesome, raw album filled with the creative edge and unerring choruses that has always separated the band from the crowd.

Arguably one of the most recognisable voices in modern rock, frontman Caleb Shomo describes the album as an ‘honest…journey to the deepest and darkest parts of my mind.’ These elements are omnipresent across the band’s discography, yet they take on an even more powerful dimension across riff-roaring lead singles THE PAST IS DEAD and DEVASTATION. Shomo’s choruses are a bottomless pit of unforgettable melodies that never cease to disappoint, and the album perfectly marries his belted, anthemic style with the rapid anger of old that persists in HELL OF IT.

Upon listening to the album as a whole entity, it becomes clear that almost all of the tracks could have been chosen as singles. Shomo’s pure emotion shines through in PHANTOM PAIN and SKIN, the latter of which sees Oshie Bichar’s pounding bassline take centre stage in an evolved, more mature Beartooth track. The riffs and breakdowns prevail, yet with an unorthodox refresh compared to their previous three records, demonstrating the cutting edge of Beartooth amidst a genre where so many bands fade into mediocrity.

Beartooth are back, vicious as ever, ly here to stay. ‘Below’ is out Friday June 25th via Red Bull Records, and they band will be back in the UK in February 2022 for their biggest ever headline tour.

Words by Rishi Shah

Photo Credit Johann Ramos


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