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Alfie Templeman: Bedford-born, Stage-bred

It has to be said, the crowd was suitably warmed up by two vivacious acts, beginning with local Leeds band L’Objectif kicking off the show, with the encouragement of audience movement through a loveable frontman and attention-grabbing bassist. Pixey was next, producing a wholly professional performance and captivating people with her silky pitch-perfect voice. Some of the most entertaining support at a gig you would likely see.

Alfie Templeman and band arrive as a burst of energy to uphold the atmosphere established by his support. Ever the crowd-pleaser, he answers a fan’s request to have happy birthday sung for her friend, an individual treat so endearing it’s hard not to love him before he’s even played any of his music. It becomes easy to see how much gravitas Templeman’s gigs hold for him personally because a couple of songs are needed to punch through the intimidating loyal fan response before he really comes into his own. It only adds to his appeal.

The gritty ‘Stop Thinking (About Me)’ utilises Templeman’s band alongside his effortless vocal; combined they get the crowd grooving and introduce a seemingly alternative sound by placing the instrumental to the forefront of the performance, perfect for such an intimate gig. Templeman’s next trick is to treat his audience to an exclusive listen to a new track off his forthcoming debut album Mellow Moon to be released in May. ‘Candy Floss’ from this new Templeman era is notably catchy as the audience joins in despite it being the first time it graces their ears. ‘Film Scene Daydream’ provides nostalgic pop vibes to liven the atmosphere once more, with crowd energy maximised. This is proven to be a good choice for the set with its catchy lyrics and solid bassline: everyone was dancing.

Next came a Templeman classic: ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’. Of course, everyone knows it and it showed, with the crowd eager to belt out the chorus each time. It’s worth saying, many of Templeman’s tracks are stringent on his band and they did not disappoint, providing the perfect backing to his faultless vocals. Pure, authentic performance shone through with guitar tuning happening during the song so professionally done it was seamless.

After the opportunity to sing themselves voiceless, the audience eagerly anticipated another new album offering, ‘Men On The Moon’. The premise of an intimate gig such as this one showed as die-hard fans went manic for a never heard before song. Up starts the ‘I love you Alfie!’ shouts, exemplary appreciation reciprocated with a humble ‘thanks’ and shy chuckle. Such mutual appreciation is often rare at gigs but is a totally refreshing sight.

‘We’d like to get a little funky’ Templeman declares as the gig begins to conclude. The gig is rounded off with two popular tunes: ‘Obvious Guy’ and ‘3D Feelings’, with the latter hyping the audience into mosh mode, and the gig morphing into an all-out party. After a jam-packed set inclusive of an encore, Alfie Templeman has proved he knows how to work a crowd tantalising his audience with new content enough to make them hungry for his debut album.

Words by Ellie Back

Photo Credit: Lillie Eiger


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