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Lockdown Doesn't Have To Get YOU Down!

With two months of lockdown already under our belt, you may be starting to feel a bit bored and isolated. Well, as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, LSTV is bringing you top tips from our members on how they’re keeping their boredom and their mental health in check this quarantine season. So, dig out that dusty old Monopoly box, order some scented candles and settle yourself down – you’re in for a treat!

CARD GAMES – UNO IT! (Get it?)

To break up the monotony of the daily eat-sleep-Netflix cycle, set up a challenge with your housemates, or some friends over video chat. In my house we’ve got an Uno tournament (yes, that card game that haunted your childhood is back with a vengeance), and I’ve heard some of my friends have a virtual ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ tournament going on via Zoom. If nothing else, it’s a great way to stay in touch with people, even when there’s no new tea (T) to spill!


Now, anyone who knows me can confirm that my one true love in this world is my bath. And now, with this infinite expanse of time, the humble bath can be taken to exciting new heights. We’re talking spa days in your own home! Bust out the candles, the wine and the face masks and relax. Let’s face it, there’s no rush to go anywhere so take as long as you want! If I emerge from lockdown looking like a shrivelled up raisin, you all know why.


I can already hear the sighs as I write this, but you knew it was coming. Exercise is a sure-fire way to keep yourself in peak physical and mental condition, and it’s more important now than ever. Whether it’s a government-endorsed daily walk, a 10k run or just a bop around your living room to your favourite album, a little bit of exercise will wake you up and release those endorphins!

(Though, I will add that eating chocolate has the same effect, so whatever floats your boat!)


If you’re lucky enough to have a pet, make the most of your time with them! I’m really grateful to get to spend more than a few weeks with my cat, which hasn’t happened in over two years (and I’m sure he’s just as thankful for the snazzy new additions to his wardrobe). Pets are great companions if you’re feeling isolated so, if you don’t have one yourself, give a friend a call and see how their dog is doing. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


If you find yourself at a loose end, tap into your creative side (I’m sure it’s in there somewhere). Write a script, film a video, learn a dance routine – whatever you’re into, you finally have the time to make it happen.

Of course, you could do absolutely nothing at all and that would also be fine. The circumstances we’re living through right now are not normal, and nobody is expected to carry on like nothing is happening. Whether you want to be the most productive version of yourself, or you want to finally take this time to have a breather, you’re doing what is right for you.

We’ll come out of the other side together. Stay safe, look after yourselves, and we’ll see you all again as soon as we can!

Words by Rachel Clough.


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