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In Pictures: NOISY take Oporto by storm

Words and Photos by Ben Massey

Last night NOISY ‘brought the drums back’ to Leeds. I had first come across NOISY when stumbling upon their most streamed single, ‘I Wish I Was A…’ in a Spotify playlist, and since then they have been one of my favourite new bands. NOISY take inspiration from many different genres, ranging from Punk to Dance, so it’s hard to pin down their own genre, but one thing’s for sure – their sound is incredible. From catchy hooks to high energy choruses, they know how rally up a mid-week crowd into absolute chaos. After having to reschedule this tour from February, it was obvious that the room was in desperate need of a night of dancing, jumping and escapism.

Hailing from Brighton, the trio who brand themselves as ‘the band that doesn’t sound like a band’, brought an onslaught of their top singles, whilst playing a couple new songs from an EP which is due to release later this year. Covering ‘Praise You’ by Fatboy Slim, NOISY hint at more of the same highly produced dance-oriented sound which is beautifully crafted for crazy live shows.

On top of being a revolutionary band in the music industry, NOISY also

delve deep into important issues

through their lyrical content. Lead singer Cody often touches on elements of his own mental health battles. I think this is most apparent in their song ‘Afraid’, an anthem about anxiety. Lyrics “the above is why I’m my own worst enemy, I wouldn’t be friends with me” strike home and highlight the daily struggle that so many of us live with. On top of this, NOISY also write about their experiences with rave and club culture, which is inextricably linked to mental health. Whilst important to notice how freeing this culture is, it can be quite the opposite for many people. NOISY explore both sides of this through their lyricism.

NOISY have proved themselves to be the next band you need to have on your radar. If you haven’t already got tickets for the rest of their tour, get them! You do not want to miss the chaos that ensues as Cody shouts “So what I’m in Brighton and I’m fucked up and it’s a Monday” changing the lyrics for whatever city and day they tour.


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