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Greatest Showman: Johnny Marr treats Leeds to Smiths classics

On the Monday of Fresher’s week, as the sun began to set, a few thousand 18 year olds were displaced by families at Leeds University Union, as a certain Johnny Marr returned to Leeds for the opening night of his tour.

Upon the recent announcement of his upcoming project Fever Dreams Pt 1, the immortal Marr treated the crowd to some unheard material, resonating vibrantly around Stylus with the ever-present, effervescent tones of his beloved Fender Jaguar taking the forefront.

A solo artist’s accompanying band can often be a make or break factor in their live shows, but Marr’s quartet - donning colourful shirts like their frontman - proved as slick as ever, especially given challenges like the replication of ‘This Charming Man’ in front of the man himself, as Marr now trades the lead part for vocals.

Raising his guitar vertically to the heavens, Marr remains a captivating performer, who dazzled the crowd with long, extended instrumental jams to showcase his bottomless pit of talent. Nearing two hours long, the set was dreamlike for any Smiths fan, as he scattered their famous material and a few Electronic numbers throughout the set.

The tearful nostalgia of ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ was masterfully executed and sent an incomparable sensation of emotion through the crowd, as did the encore inclusions of ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ and finally ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’, containing arguably one of the most iconic pre-choruses to have ever been written.

Marr’s return to the live circuit was nothing short of stunning, and he will no doubt continue to capture the hearts and minds of generations to come with his impeccable showmanship.

By Rishi Shah

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