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In Pictures: Death Blooms take Hyde Park Book Club by storm

Raging from the depths of Hyde Park Book Club, Nu-Metal rockers Death Blooms put on one hell of a show. The night started with a surprising yet somehow fitting song as they walked on stage to ‘We like to Party!’ by the Vengaboys. It acted as an anthem to build excitement in the crowd, and I can’t help but say that it worked! As soon as lead singer Paul Barrow and his band stepped on stage, the riffs started, and the crowd began moshing (after all, it is a Death Blooms show).

Towards the start of the set Death Blooms played ‘Gore’ which, as it sounds, is a brutal Nu-Metal track to really awaken the audience into chaos. Being one of their most well-known songs, the crowd knew exactly what to do as they began a circle pit before clashing into one another at the breakdown. The atmosphere in the room was unmatched.

Half-way into the show and the most powerful (yet slowest) song of Death Blooms’ discography, ‘Inside’, was played to give us all a breather. Barrow opens up about his personal experience with mental health singing ‘It hurts inside every time I close my eyes’ empowering every single person in the crowd as he lets us in to a vulnerable side of himself. This is what draws so many people to their music. Having seen Death Blooms perform three times now, it is clear to me that their fans feel cathartic as they scream back lyrics such as ‘Pour your rage into me, let me fight your war’.

Despite forming in 2016, Death Blooms are finally starting to receive the recognition they have always deserved. They are one of the bands paving the way for the alternative music scene and they are not one to be missed. If you haven’t had the chance to see them yet, keep an eye out, they’ll be sticking around for a long time!

Words and Photos by Ben Massey