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Frequently asked questions


I don't go to the University of Leeds,
can I still join?

Of course! LSTV is open to any university student in Leeds.

Do I need to be a media student?
Not at all, our members take a variety of subjects from Computer Science to Theatre Studies. Our Station Manager is a History student!

What is Leeds Student Television?
We're a student-run television station based in Leeds who create content for students and the wider public, whether that be sport, music, light entertainment, filmmaking, live shows, the list goes on...


How do I join?

Join our Members Page and buy a Membership on the LUU website!!

We will be hosting 'Give it a Go's' all throughout Freshers so you can have a taster of what LSTV has to offer.


Where is your office?

Our office is based in Leeds University Union, on the second floor just next Activities Office.
Come pop down for a chat!

What type of roles can I do?
LSTV is a very inclusive society with roles for everyone whether you're interested in being on camera or behind the scenes.
Our live shows offer the most roles including Presenter, Camera Operators (usually 3), a Floor Manager (who organises what's happening and when), and Runners all just in the studio. As for the gallery the roles include Vision Mixer (who flicks between the different cameras- with the instruction of the director), Broadcast Control (control the streaming to Youtube/Facebook and playing the VTs), AudioDirector and PA (who uses a walkie talkie to relay everything that's going on in the gallery to the Floor Manager).

When are your meetings?
We meet every Thursday during term time at 5:30pm on Zoom for the moment.

Other, more specific meetings are held be committee or members, such as Writers Room and meetings about upcoming Live Shows. Head to our members page to find out more about those.

Do I need to have experience?

You don't need any experience to join LSTV, just have an interest in creating content! Ella, our Head of Training will teach you all there is to know.

What is NaSTA?
NaSTA is the National Student Television Awards, it's a platform for students and stations to create content which is judged by notable media talents such as Ben Croucher, Chris Timson, Lorianne Hall and Mars El Brogy.
Before your content goes up against other stations across the UK, you must pitch your project to our committee who decide what is submitted on behalf of the station.

Any questions we've not answered?


Drop us an email at:
Visit our office located on the second floor of Leeds University Union.

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